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A Hairdressers In Chesterfield That Provides Hair Colouring And Hair Styling Suited To Your Lifestyle And With Complete Satisfaction 

2 The Green, Hasland, Chesterfield S41 0LJ  
We specialise in all of the latest styles, from fashion cuts, mens' cuts & wedding styling
  Ladies Cut & Blow Dry £18.00 Curls from £10.00  
  Blow Dry £8.00 Students' Dry Trim £6.50
  Wet Cut £10.00 Under 5's dry Trim £5.00
  Ladies and Gents' Trim £8.00 'Put Ups' ( hourly rate) £20.00
Colours:(including cut) Colours:(excluding cut)
  Roots £31.00   £27.00  
  Full Head - from £37.00   from £32.00
  Cap Highlights/Lowlights £38.00   £35.00
  Foils - from £45.00 from £40.00

Opening Times

On request
On request
On request
Call us and book your appointment today or drop in ask for Kerry or one of our other hair stylists.

Proms and Weddings Welcome

We specialise in wedding hair here at Poise.
Why not let us come to you in the comfort of your own home on your big day!

Poise Hairdressing Of Hasland - A Hairdressers In Chesterfield With A Modern Approach

If you're looking for an Hairdressers in Chesterfield come to Poise Hairdressing. You are not just another customer, you are an individual with your own choices and needs.

The owner Kerry Furniss and the hair stylists that work at Poise Hairdressing are always proud of the work they carry out on their clients both regular and new, providing each and every one with an in-depth consultation to ensure you get exactly what you desire.

You are unique and our aim is to keep it that way.

We offer a modern approach but are experienced in all hairdressing techniques to suit young and old alike.

  • Our price list is very competitive and our goal is total customer satisfaction..
  • Whether it be a back to school haircut, or an 'up-do' for the bride on her big day.
  • We cater for everyone so why not give us a call to book your appointment at Poise Hairdressing!

We can't wait to hear from you! So get in contact with us on either the phone number that you can find at the top or near the bottom of the page. Alternatively, if you find you're having trouble getting through to us then you can use our contact form and send us an email.

We will be able to discuss any hairstyles, colouring or perms for example and can also provide you with a free quotation on request.

Poise Hairdressing
2 The Green
S43 0LJ



  Come to Poise Hairdressing for hair colouring.

  • - Advanced Colour Technicians.
  • - State Registered Hair Stylist.
  • - We have experience with a variety
        of hair colouring techniques.
  • - Change from dark colours to light colours and vice   versa.

If you have any queries regarding the colouring of your hair,
drop in or give us a call for some professional and friendly advice.


All our hair colouring prices start from as little as -


Hair Perms - 'Permanent Wave'

Perming hair, or having your hair permed involves the use of certain chemicals that soften the inner part of each hair. The hair can then be manipulated, usually by the the use of some kind of curling device slightly heated to aid in the chemical reaction that softens the hair.

The style of the hair can be varied depending on what kind of heating rod is used ( commonly straight or concave ), how the end papers are used and where they are positioned. The style of wrapping is usually spiral or croquignole. Croquignole involves wrapping the hair tightly towards the scalp which produces a tighter curl.

The chemical solution used varies according to the clients' hair type. With the pH of the solution being used depending on the coarseness of the hair and how fine the clients' hair is. Then an outside heat source can be applied to the hair with curling tongs.

Here at Poise Hairdressing we always consider our clients' safety very important and we practice in a safe environment using all the necessary equipment to minimise any risk of injury or hair damage.

Hair Colouring - Hair dyeing

Hair colouring, or changing the colour of hair by hair dyeing involves treatment of the hair with certain chemicals. This is usually done for personal style or for covering over Grey hair. Hair can also lose its' colour or become faded due to sun bleaching and people choose to bring back the vibrancy to their hair.

There are several methods of hair colouring which all produce different results.

  • 'Highlighting' and 'Low lighting' that can give colour in selected parts of the hair.
  • Foiling. Pieces of plastic or foil are wrapped around certain sections of hair to keep them separate from the hair that isn't, which allows the stylist to apply more than one colour.
  • Caps. A plastic cap is applied to the head and strands of hair are pulled through with a hook
  • Balayage. Also known as dip-dyeing, this involves painting colour directly onto the hair.

Some hair may need to be bleached first, especially if the client wants to go from a very dark colour to a very light colour. Changing from black or dark brown hair to blonde hair for example.

You have a choice between a permanent dye where the original colour will not be seen until new hair begins to grow through. Or a temporary hair dye that will wash out within 4-6 weeks gradually fading with each wash.

Hair 'put ups'

Hair 'put ups' are when long hair is tied up and clipped or tied to the head. A number of different styles can be achieved depending on how the hair is is tied and in what position on the head. The technique used can involve twisting of the hair to create an elegant style.

Put ups are commonly seen at weddings and bride and the bridesmaids can sometimes be seen wearing the same style. You may have also seen women wearing them at dinner parties or on an evening out.

At Poise Hairdressing we specialise in wedding hair and can accommodate a large group such as the bride and bridesmaids. Or we can come to your home and help you to look great on the day of the wedding.


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